Next Steps

Both locations - Warrenton or Knappa

If you're looking for materials to help you grow in your Christian walk, visit the "Next Steps" cabinet near the entry into the church, You can keep or borrow the books.

If you have a question you'd like to have answered, write it on a card and put it in one of the collection boxes. It will be answered in the next "In Touch" newsletter.

"In Touch" Newsletter

Each month we send out a newsletter via email attachment. If you attend a service and register with your name and email address, we will gladly send you a copy. We also have printed copies in the entryway in Warrenton.

RightNow Media

Our church has a subscription to RightNow Media, a Christian video service. Anyone who has registered an email address with the church has free access and can log-in to the site with your email.  There are videos for all age groups. 

Click the orange banner below for admission to our church's access page. 

RightNow Media says: "Maximize your impact and save time with the world’s largest video-streaming library of Biblical resources. Give every person in your ministry access to the ultimate discipleship resource. Every person in your church can access Biblically-based videos on marriage, parenting, youth, recovery, leadership, finances, and much more."

sharing library


Books to donate, lend, keep, or give away

Members have contributed various books to fill the library shelves in the "Prep Room" near the east entry to the sanctuary. We don't have a checkout system because you can do whatever you want with the books. 

lend and share Christian books